Question: Membership
Answer : We offer two types of memberships, VIP and VIP Premium. the difference are you can see more statistics of users and the site statistics. Also we have a free membership for those who like to try our system which is free for life.
Question: Is socializa.co are partners to these social networks?
Answer : No. Socializa.co uses the which are freely available from these social networks for developing great ideas. We are not endorsed or certified by any of these social communities such as logos and trademarks displayed on Socializa.co are property of the retrospective owner. All logos and trademarks displayed on Socializa.co are property of owner.
Question: Is Socializa.co selling Likes and Followers
Answer : No. Socializa.co is not selling likes and followers, we are building network of interest, directing and leading users to gain real genuine fans and followers at faster turn around of time for their marketing pursue. We know is hard to do online marketing.
Question: What are Points?
Answer : Points is digital amount that we use for our system so users can use them in our system. You can collect points in your exchange with other users and transform to cash or buy points to use in our system and transform and withdrawn cash from your points. However you must follow our guidelines and rules to claim withdraws.
Question: Will you sell my account information?
Answer : No we do not sell your information to other parties. We offer premium and VIP membership to build a better business networking environment and to gain real geniune users of our system in return so you can improve your online marketing and SEO requirements.
Question: Why I am not getting Paid?
Answer : If you do follow our rules and guidelines our system will automatically detect your exchanges and you will get paid. Fake emails, sharing ip address, not sharing your exchange activities with others will not be eligible to claim cashout. If you follow our rules and still not getting paid. then contact us we are happy to help you as long you have the same email address you use for signing up. thank you for your support.